My own jailer

In 1995 we spent four months in Ekaterinburg Russia where we lived in a two-room apartment.    We were cautioned by our Russian landlord “Don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know.  Not even if you look through the peep hole and they are wearing a uniform.  Criminals have disguised themselves as a militia to break into apartments.”

So when we entered our apartment, we unlocked a steel door and then unlocked a bolt on a thick wooden door. After we entered

we engaged the lock on the outside steel door,

threw a one-inch bolt latch on the steel door,

keyed the bolt lock on the wooden door,

put on the chain latch on the wooden door,

and finally before bedtime we attached a pipe brace form to the door handle that wedged against the floor.

Soon I began to feel as if I were locking myself into a jail for which we were paying $275 per month.      I felt like my own jailer.